The M.I.T.S.

Domming and subbing skills are super hot, but consent and trust are really the important ones. Invented by your favorite cult leader and used religiously by members of our collective, the acronym MITS aims to highlight some key pieces of good pre-play communication and stands for marks, injuries, triggers & safeword:

Can I leave any temporary marks? What about permanent ones? Where, only body parts usually covered by clothes or it doesn't matter? (Bonus tip: think beyond impact markings. Sharpies? Makeup? Can I dip you in paint? Can I send you home covered in glitter?).

Do you have any? How are your knees (if they're all good, why aren't you on them)? Heart conditions, breathing problems, allergies, back pain?

What are your limits? Does ageplay give you the heebie-jeebies? Are there any triggering words, from which we should make sure to stay away? Was your mom a teacher and therefore classroom roleplay also gives you the heebie-jeebies?

The powerful word that stops everything, respected over anything else. At Taillors, we use the traffic light system, having "red" as the safeword and fingers crossed 🤞(ASL for the letter "R") as our safesign.

Are you all about consent and safety too?
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