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You know little to nothing about your kinks, but you do know you’re kinky. Maybe you have a set of kinks about which you’re curious but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you're just curious and don't even know what to expect. An intake is often is your first appointment with a therapist, when they ask questions in order to create a custom treatment plan for you. An Intake with Charlotte Taillor is not so different.

During the conversation, you'll fill out forms, be asked questions, and encouraged to share. You will never be pushed to disclosure more than with what you're comfortable. There will be no enactment during Intakes. In simple English for the less than bright submissive: this is not a play session.

Intakes have a maximum duration of 45 minutes, and held at The Crown (in Brooklyn), or over FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts.



Our Taillor School of Domination & Kink has workshops in mostly anything imaginable under the Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) principles of BDSM. We offer free training for dommes — from the curious to the professional — and aim to give the each apprentice their own sub on whom to practice.



Morning spankings are on the rise: get yours from a Taillor. Let them use and (consensually) abuse you to train, practice, and further explore their kinkery. Book your time in heaven (or in hell) with a domme at The Crown: call (347) 855-4877, from 10 AM to 1 AM, for directions to our profiles & more info. Please book at least one hour in advance.

Disclaimer: we all have our own preferences, likes, limits, and agency. From humiliatrices to mommy-dommes, lap-bunnies to true sadists — you will be surrendering to her kinkery, so choose wisely. Make sure to go over MITS (& the scene itself) beforehand, and always remember: blue bennies are a girl's best friend.