Picking your shadow shift

which may potentially become your weekly & fixed–

What's that?
The Weekly & Fixed Shift is the time (usually in eight-hour chunks) for you to be at the Crown watching, assisting, and learning, until you're ready to start taking sessions & writing BDSM scenes with Charlotte.

See below for the link and a three-step tutorial for picking your shift online. FYI: you will need to either use a computer, or download the Google Sheets app if you'd like to use a cellphone.

1. Go to shiftpick.taillors.com

2. Right-click on the fixed weekly shift of your choice and choose “Comment”

3. Enter your name & phone number

P.S.: Write your honorific (Mistress, Lady, Queen, etc) followed by your domme name (if you don’t have a domme name yet, just write your given name in parenthesis); press ENTER, type in your phone number below your name, and you’re all set!

P.P.S.: Just make sure your chosen shift doesn’t already have a comment, of course.