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The Taillor Group is an established women-run kink space in Brooklyn, New York. Our space is a hub for kink-positive feminists to learn, teach, practice & explore the world of human sexuality, mostly focused on BDSM & Fetish. Our work includes hosting workshops, femdom play parties, and private sessions; as well as organizing advocacy events, and collaborating on feminism related projects. We share the interest and the trade, within the law of the State of New York and the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) principles of BDSM.


The Taillors are smart, interesting, gorgeous, dominant womyn, genuinely fascinated by kink & human sexuality. We come in all shapes, sizes, gender expressions, ethnicities, preferences, passions, and professions — from lifestyle & professional kinksters, nine-to-fivers, performers, writers, event planners, dog trainers, high-school teachers, marketing mavens, academics, artists, bodyworkers, activists, advocates, and much more in between.


We're looking for interesting, kind, charismatic, femme-identifying, sex-&-body-positive feminists: from newbies (with little to no experience in the adult industry or kink lifestyle) to seasoned SWers (cam girls, peep-showers, body rub queens, dancers, and beyond) — we welcome all pro-domme wannabes. You must be respectful, clean, punctual, reliable and a motivated team player, with a charming personality & tons of curiosity. BDSM and Sexuality knowledge is a plus — interest is a must.

Does that describe you better than your horoscope?

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[one] Experience in the adult industry is appreciated but not at all required. [two] Attendance to all Taillor programs and events are entirely free for members of the collective. [three] The Taillor Group values equal opportunity and supports diversity: all are welcome and encouraged to apply — trans, cis, or n/a, of every size, color and creed, from everywhere. [last] Due to the high volume of submissions, we may not reply to all applicants.

Photo by Elizabeth Herman for the New York Times.

Photo by Elizabeth Herman for the New York Times.


For questions, call us at (347) 855-4877 or email